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Stainless Steel Composite Panel

Stainless Steel Composite Panel

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ALUBANG Stainless Steel Composite Panel


ALUBANG stainless steel composite panel has extraordinary ability in flatness and rigidity and high peel strength. The high strength advantage enables the panel a perfect material for the modern designs. In the past, this technology is monopolized by some steel mill only. After long time effort, our R&D team achieve success. With more than one decade experience in composite panel manufacturing field, we provide various specification for your reference.


ALUBANG stainless-steel composite panel is with top and back skin 0.3-0.4mm thick stainless-steel sheets, laminating to a mineral FR core or LDPE core in middle, overall thickness 4-6mm. The adhesion of metal and mineral is under help of macromolecule film at nanometer level, in addition to the help of ALUBANG high-tech continuous lamination line, the composite structure turns out to be integrated and solid.



Raw Material


Top Skin: 304 Stainless steel
Core Material: Non-toxic low-density polyethylene or Fire-resist

Bottom Skin: 304 stainless steel



Characteristics of Stainless Steel Composite Panel


1.Attains great mechanical quality while reduce the cost greatly, 4mm composite stainless-steel composite panel compete to 3mm solid stainless steel in this sense while the cost only half of it.

2.Stainless steel composite panel also attains Anti-crash quality with the help of mineral core layer especially during fabricating, installing or transporting. The best feature is its application in buildings, the surface effect is much soft and beauty.

3.Light weightwith superior flatness


Mechanical Property
No. Test Item Test method result
1 Density ASTM D792-08 Method B 2.493g/cm³
2 Tensile strength ASTM D638-10 105MPa
3 Flexural strength ASTM D790-10 Procedure A 174MPa
4 Flexural modulus ASTM D790-10 Procedure A 9670MPa
5 Shear strength ASTM D732-10 96.4MPa
6 Shear resistance ASTM D732-10 32248N
7 180°Peel strength ASTM D903-98 1.18kgf/mm
8 Peel torque ASTM D1781-98 34.2mm.kgf/mm
9 Heat deflection temperature ASTM D648-07 Method B 91.1 ℃
10 Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ASTM D969-08 227.5*10-6
*Test is based on 0.4mm #304 skin 4mm composite panel.
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  Standard (mm) More Choice (mm)
Panel Thickness 4 3, 5, 6
Stainless-steel Alloy #304 #316, #220
Stainless-steel Thickness 0.3 0.2, 0.4
Panel Width 1200 980, 1000, 1500
Panel Length 2440, 3200 1000~4000

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