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ISO 9001 Management System is adopted in our company


ISO 9001 management system is adopted in our company, the quality control traces from raw materials purchasing to end products. Each part has the detailed record for reference.
When the paint arrives, we will make a match sample and put it in the Air-Dry Oven to coat in the simulated environment of our production line. Then the coating of the sample will be same as what we produce. 
When the mill finish aluminum arrives, we will do the test of the T-bend and peel strength and also the thickness.
When the core materials arrive, we will do the test of density, moisture content, elongation and others.
When the protective film arrives, we will do the test of colors match and thickness.
If all the tests passed, we will put in production. After compositing, we will make the tests of peeling strength and Artificial Weathering Resistance etc. Meanwhile, we will take all the test reports in record for reference.
The Laboratory has all equipment for quality test, all the members have more than 4-year professional experience, the senior engineers are working with the persons in the production lines and lab to control and inspect the quality. Such tests ensure that the various performance targets of the ALUBANG panels reach the requirement of the industrial standards, which required us that we need the advanced laboratory instruments to finish such tests.




  • ALUBANG is committed the environment as responsibility and refused to use inferior materials to save costs, we have strict control of heavy metal’ content in raw materials, and adopted firstly the latest EU standard and pass the ROSH certification that ensure the final product have no harm to human body and environment.

  • For the paint, we use Beckers and PPG in base of HYLR5000 & KYNAR500 standards, it has best quality in pollution resistance and weather resistance. the products can keep good appearance whatever extremely hot or frigid weather. even in heavy polluted area, just use the neutral detergent can keep the panel in new appearance. For the adhesive film, we use DuPont materials. It is an industry leap from glue connection materials to high polymer materials.

  • For the core materials, recycled plastic we import from abroad, and the virgin plastic we use the BASF Yangzi Petrochemical and Sinopec. For the aluminum alloy, we use CHALCO alloy which has good tensile strength and T-bend peculiarity, perfect flatness, has reach the highest international standard.