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Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

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ALUBANG Aluminum Honeycomb Panel


ALUBANG aluminum honeycomb panel is composed of a honeycomb core sandwiched between two high tensile aluminum alloy sheets.

1.The top and bottom sheets are fabricated from premium quality 5005H14 aluminum with thickness between 0.4 and 1.5mm. They are PVDF coated and offer superior weather resistance.

2.The honeycomb core undergoes anodizing and thus is long lasting. The aluminum foil for the core construction comes with thickness between 0.04 and 0.06mm. The side length for the honeycomb structure ranges from 4 to 6mm. A cluster of honeycomb cores is interconnected to form the core system which ensures uniform pressure distribution and thus enables the aluminum honeycomb panel to bear extremely high pressures. The core system also ensures the surface flatness of large sized honeycomb sandwich panels.

It is for a variety of applications in transport and industry or architecture, showing excellent product properties such as extraordinary flatness, large variety of colors and high formability.

In contrast to conventional honeycomb composite panels, the system components of ALUBANG honeycomb panels are bonded in a continuous process. The material does not become brittle-hard but shows tough and resilient properties and excellent peel strength - the basis for a high product quality.



Raw Material


Top Skin: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium Zinc, Copper
Core Material: anodized aluminum honeycomb

Bottom Skin: Aluminum





Characteristics of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel


  • Large scale, up to 2100*12000mm
  • Extremely low weight
  • Excellent strength
  • High resistance to moisture
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Noncombustible
  • High resistance to fungi
  • UV resistance
  • Acoustic insulation


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Face Panel Material: High-grade Al-Mn-Mg alloy
Thickness: 0.7mm or 1.0mm (other thicknesses available)
Other Metal: Stainless Steel, Natural Copper and Titanium-Zinc
Back Panel Material: High-grade Al-Mn-Mg alloy
Thickness: 0.7mm or 1.0mm (other thicknesses available)
Other Metal: Stainless Steel, Natural Copper and Titanium-Zinc
Core Material: 3003 anti-corrosion aluminums corrugated or honeycomb core
Thickness: 0.06mm
Core Diameter: 12mm or 19mm
Sealant Two-component high-temperature curing PU glue
Surface Coating PVDF and Polyester (other coatings available upon request)
Panel Specs Length: ≤12000mm (other lengths available upon request)
Width: ≤2100mm (other widths available upon request)
Height: 4mm to 150mm
Weight Approx. 5.00~9.5kg/m2
Color Pantone or RAL standard international color code or up on request
FR Standard A2-s2,d0(GB8624-2006)



Al Alloy: A3005/ Cell size b: from 6.5 to 9.5 mm
H: total thickness
d1: thickness of AL front sheet
d2: thickness of AL back sheet
Product Range
Thickness:  3/6/10/15/20/ 25/50mm
Width: 1250 / 1500 /2100 mm  
Length: up to 10000mm



  Standard (mm) More Choice (mm)
Panel Thickness 10 3-100
Aluminum Thickness 0.7 0.5~1.5
Panel Width 1250, 1500 1000~2100
Panel Length 2440, 3200 1000~10000




• Exterior elevators.
• Floors, walls and ceilings for elevators.
• Ramps, platforms and mobile scenarios.
• Structures for military radars.
• Interiors for trucks and buses.
• Vertical partitions.
• Cleanrooms.
• Equipment Fairings.
• Recordable ceilings.
• Support for thin rolling stone, marble and granite.



Comparison at same Rigidity Honeycomb Aluminum Composite Panel Solid Aluminum
  Thickness Weight Thickness Weight Thickness Weight
1250 kNcm2/m N/A 3 mm 4.5 kg/m2 2.7 mm 7.3 kg/m2
2400 kNcm2/m 4 mm 5.5 kg/m2 3.3 mm 8.9 kg/m2
5900 kNcm2/m 6 mm 7.3 kg/m2 4.5 mm 12.2 kg/m2
7100 kNcm2/m 6 mm 4.7 kg/m2 N/A 4.8 mm 13.0 kg/m2
21900 kNcm2/m 10 mm 5.0 kg/m2 7.0 mm 18.9 kg/m2
75500 kNcm2/m 15 mm 6.7 kg/m2 10.5 mm 28.4 kg/m2
138900 kNcm2/m 20 mm 7.0 kg/m2 13.0 mm 35.1 kg/m2
221600 kNcm2/m 25 mm 7.3 kg/m2 15.2 mm 41.0 kg/m2

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