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Development Status Of Fire-resistant Aluminum Composite Panel


Fire prevention materials refer to various materials th […]

Fire prevention materials refer to various materials that play an absolute role in modern fire prevention and are mostly used in buildings. Commonly used fireproof materials include fireproof boards, fireproof doors, fireproof glass, fireproof coating fireproof bags, etc.

With the serious air pollution in the society, every country in the world has begun to pay attention to the construction and decoration of environmental quality, and the construction and decoration closely related to people's lives are listed as key construction objects. And domestic buildings and home decoration are vigorously promoting energy conservation and environmental protection. Most modern buildings and home decoration use energy-saving and environmental protection materials, such as Fire-resistant Aluminum Composite Panel, etc.

Fire-resistant aluminum composite panel is of great importance to modern architecture and home decoration. First of all, let's explain the current development situation of energy-saving and environment-friendly buildings and home decoration. From ancient times till now, building insulation and fire prevention are two incompatible building properties. In order to combine them perfectly, we must have a good building system and building materials. In terms of building insulation technology, our building and home decoration industry have already had a preliminary plan after years of attempts.

But fire-resistant technology has always been a problem. Relevant national documents have long stipulated that residential buildings and home decoration should be 100m or higher in height, and the burning performance of thermal insulation materials should be Class A; Fire-resistant aluminum composite panel solve an important problem in the construction and home decoration industry.

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