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Determine The Service Conditions of Stainless Steel Composite Panel


Generally, the usable steel grade can be determined aft […]

Generally, the usable steel grade can be determined after balancing the service conditions, basic performance and relevant service experience of the Stainless Steel Composite Panel. In the absence of practical use experience to draw lessons from, the primary materials are subjected to simulation tests or on-site hanging tests, and the final selection is made according to the test results. For some particularly important uses, the selection conclusion can be drawn through the simulation experience method.

The first choice is to determine the service conditions of stainless steel composite panel, including temperature, medium composition, stress state, manufacturing process, design life and special requirements.

Then, according to the use conditions, understand the properties of relevant stainless steel, collect relevant data and data, such as the mechanical properties used at room temperature and high temperature. Wear resistance, process performance, physical performance, price, supply difficulty, etc. under corrosive environmental conditions.

Under the condition that relevant data are not known and collected, necessary practical experience and on-site hanging test can be carried out according to the use conditions. If there are no conditions for the above tests, the operation experience under similar conditions, on-site hanging results, laboratory simulation tests and simulation body operation results can also be used as the basis for selecting materials.

After the stainless steel composite panel is determined, the appropriate stainless steel brand can be selected according to the requirements of equipment or components for various performances. Generally, suitable brands can be selected. When there is no corresponding brand to choose from, new materials can only be selected or researched from corrosion-resistant alloys.

Generally speaking, the methods of selecting stainless steel composite panel include performance method, cost method and target material selection method.

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