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Aluminum Corrugated Panel Is Safer In The Application


Aluminum Corrugated Panel is a kind of metal suspended […]

Aluminum Corrugated Panel is a kind of metal suspended ceiling with a composite panel structure. Its panel is made of high-quality and high-strength aluminum alloy panel. The core material is corrugated moulded by automatic mechanical roll pressing or continuous stamping, and the material strength is increased. Using aviation thermos, the bonding of panels is completed by high temperature and high pressure. The panel can be punched and the back is covered with sound-absorbing non-woven fabric, which can be used as a sound-absorbing ceiling. Its structure is mainly composed of panel, corrugated core and inner panel, which has many advantages:

1. Lightweight and safe, the aluminum corrugated core composite panel has small overall specific gravity and lightweight, which is 1/5 of the aluminum panel of the same specification and 1/10 of the steel panel and is safer in large width design and application.

2. Enhance the strength of the ceiling panel. Aluminum corrugated panel has the characteristics of high strength, good hardness and ultra-high rigidity, which is incomparable to traditional aluminum plastic panel and aluminum veneer.

3. High flatness and good pressure resistance. The air layer in the middle of the aluminum corrugated core composite panel is divided into a plurality of sealed unit chambers by the panel, the bottom panel and the water corrugated core body, which greatly limits the conduction of heat and sound waves and enables the panel to have better heat preservation and sound insulation characteristics.

4. High fire resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion resistance. The panel is made of all aluminum and does not contain any flammable materials. It has super-strong fire resistance and flame retardancy. Upon inspection by the National Fire Prevention Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the combustion performance of the material reaches GB-8624-A1 level. At the same time, the panel does not absorb water and has no mildew, corruption and other conditions in a humid environment.

5. No color difference or discoloration. Fluorocarbon process or pre-roll fluorocarbon process is adopted on the surface of the aluminum corrugated panel. The coating surface has no color difference, is durable and does not change color, and can be exposed to sunlight for more than 20 years without fading.

6. Non-toxic, green and environment-friendly corrugated aluminum panel is made of all aluminum. The surface, inner panel and core are made of high-strength alloy aluminum. The material will not emit any harmful gaseous substances to the human body. It is a green and environment-friendly product and is easy to recycle and reuse. It is the development direction of new building materials in the future. In addition to the aluminum corrugated panel technology, the surface material of the panel can be selected among various colors, textures and materials, including imitation stone, wood grain, cloth grain, solid wood veneer, etc.

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