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Metal Composite Panel Are Welcomed By Architects And Engineers


Metal Composite Panel (or metal composite materials -MC […]

Metal Composite Panel (or metal composite materials -MCM) are commonly used for exterior cladding of buildings. They can be bent, bent and connected together in almost infinite configurations, making them popular with architects and engineers with complex structures.

Originally commercialized in the 1960s, they are now often used as wall coverings, cornices and canopies, and to connect areas between other building materials such as glass and prefabricated panels.

Two metal shells are bonded to the insulating core to form a composite "sandwich" panel. Metal parts can be aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, titanium, etc., with various colours, finishes and profiles to choose from. The core can be made of an insulating material such as polyethene or a flame retardant material, and a series of thicknesses can be obtained according to performance requirements.

Compared with single-layer metal plates, the metal composite panel have many advantages, including:

Weather resistance.

Sound insulation.


The consistency of completion requires little maintenance.

No wrinkling occurs because the outer surface is bonded to the core under tension.


With the improvement of manufacturing technology and installation technology, the metal composite panel has become very affordable compared with other systems. They can be more cost-effective and can be installed faster than prefabricated panels, granite or brick external devices, and reduce structural support requirements due to their lighter weight.

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