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Copper Composite Panel

Copper Composite Panel

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ALUBANG Copper Composite Panel


ALUBANG Copper Composite Panel adopts natural copper or natural brass as raw-materials, by laminating 2 copper coils with polyethylene or FR mineral core to make the copper composite panel.  Different ingredients such as metal or oxidant make the copper different colors.

The Cu+ is the logo of antimicrobial copper, global promoted by the International Copper Association. It means the product has used copper, with antibacterial effect.

Antimicrobial copper is the most effective antibacterial material which is registered by EPA. The bacterial growth on the surface will be inhibited in 24 hours, and 99.9% bacteria will be reduced in first 2 hours. The function is far superior to silver coating, stainless steel and plastic etc.

Our copper composite panel is authorized " Antimicrobial Copper Cu+" logo by the International Copper Association.

Around a corner, over a roof or under an arch, this creative new copper product fits richly and beautifully with any design. The unique multi-layer composition combines pure copper sheeting with a thermoplastic core, allowing the panels to take almost any shape imaginable. The natural copper is bright red. After long time, they will be changed to dark red, brown color and patina color. It means copper have a lifetime. If there are clear lacquer (anti-finger) on the surface, the color change will be prevented. But the surface oxidation also can be processed by artificial, and then change to different color.



Raw Material


Top Skin: Copper (Brass, Patina etc.)
Core Material: Non-toxic low-density polyethylene or Fire-resist

Bottom Skin: Copper (Brass, Patina etc.) or Aluminum

Mechanical Property   
No. Test Item Test method result
1 Density ASTM D792-08 Method B 1.804g/cm³
2 Tensile strength ASTM D638-10 31.3MPa
3 Flexural strength ASTM D790-10 Procedure A 86.1MPa
4 Flexural modulus ASTM D790-10 Procedure A 12100MPa
5 Shear strength ASTM D732-10 22.3MPa
6 Shear resistance ASTM D732-10 7090N
7 180°Peel strength ASTM D903-98 0.95kgf/mm
8 Peel torque ASTM D1781-98 29.1mm.kgf/mm
9 Heat deflection temperature ASTM D648-07 Method B 94.2 ℃
10 Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ASTM D969-08 236.5*10-6
*Test is based on 0.3mm red copper skin 4mm composite panel.   
ALUBANG copper is easily oxidized, clear protective film is suggested in case of adhesive residue   
Please wear gloves during fabrication and installation of ALUBANG copper composite panel in case of finger print.   
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  Standard (mm) More Choice (mm)
Panel Thickness 4 3, 5, 6
Copper Thickness 0.3 0.2, 0.5
Panel Width 600 800, 1000, 1200
Panel Length 2440, 3200 1000~4000

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