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Of Course, The Quality Of Signage Aluminum Composite Panel Is Our Concern


When we produced the Signage Aluminum Composite Panel, […]

When we produced the Signage Aluminum Composite Panel, we found that its quality was not good. What should we do at this time? It is very important to ensure the quality of signage aluminum composite panel from production. From what aspects can we do our work?

Painting: Painting is a key process in the whole aluminum panel coil painting production line. The quality of the painted products, especially the apparent quality, directly affects the decorative effect of the products. There are many reasons for the defects, among which the following types are common: raw materials, coatings and aluminum panel processing are the factors that can affect the coating quality in the coating process. Due to the color difference between the batches of coatings, the fineness of aluminum panel coatings is not enough and the coating rate is not high. The poor cooperation between coatings and solvents and delamination will directly affect the coating effect, resulting in defects.' The unevenness of aluminum panel coil substrate, uneven film thickness, and poor edge flexibility also directly affect the product quality and overall use. Therefore, when selecting raw materials, it should be strictly controlled.

Equipment: the coating line requires the coating equipment to be intact, the coating equipment should work stably, and there should be no lateral or longitudinal vibration, and the coating roller should be ground finely. All rollers of the coating machine run out transversely, which must be controlled within the allowable range, otherwise the coating surface quality will be seriously affected. Technology and coating process are closely related to coating quality, which requires that the relative linear speed ratio of coating roller, paint lifting roller, metering roller and substrate should be controlled within a certain range. According to different systems and film thickness of coated products, a certain viscosity range should be set for coatings to ensure smooth coating and promote product quality. Coating curing process and oven control must be controlled as required, and shall not be arbitrarily changed, otherwise the color difference and function of coated products will be seriously affected.

Environment: The interior of the painting room is required to be clean, with dust-proof, insect-proof and certain ventilation functions, so as to ensure that the coating surface quality of alumina panel manufacturers is not polluted. A process condition was changed in time due to temperature change. Human factors, the operator's responsibility and stubbornness, and the standardization of skill proficiency and operation are the keys to obtain high-quality painting effect. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the training of operators, let them grasp the principle and key of painting skills, strengthen their responsibility and be stubborn, and operate strictly according to the operating procedures to ensure high-quality painting products.

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